Conjuring Snow 12/2/2012

Conjuring Snow 12/2/2012

On a spring-like December Sunday, poets, dressed in white, read poems on snow. Poets rocked the full house at Marji Gallery & Contemporary Projects, thus opening this season’s Snow Poems. The Poetry Storm highlighted the afternoon, and refreshments included homemade cookies by Cut+Paste Society¬†members and interns. We hope you will return to see the Snow Poems exhibition of digital prints which continues through the end of December. Sales of these limited edition prints¬† fund Snow Poems 2013.

Sunday’s program:

Pt. 1
Miriam Sagan
Monika Cassel
Elizabeth Lende
Nicholas Chiarella
Dana Levin
Kirsten Mundt
Joan Logghe

Pt. 2
Jon Davis
Jamie Figueroa
Henry Shukman
Elizabeth Jacobson
Gabe Gomez
Michelle Laflamme-Childs
Arthur Sze

Thank-you to everyone for making this a beautiful celebration.
Thank-you for your contributions.
If you did not get a chance to make a donation on Sunday, please consider making one here.

(images by Katie Macaulay)