Registration for public poetry workshops is now closed. We are accepting open submissions until 12/21/2012.


Lauren Camp

Lauren Camp/ Slowing Into Sense: Where Detail Meets Creativity
free public workshop, advanced registration required (limit 16)
Thursday, December 6, 2012, 2-4pm
New Mexico Museum of Fine Art, St. Francis Auditorium

At this time of year, when everything speeds up, gift yourself some time to slow and pay attention. Spend an afternoon exploring your senses through the written word. This workshop will lead you gently into poetry — and help you write a first line, a next, and another. Join a small group intent on hearing the sounds and colors of words, your voice, your thoughts.
Lauren Camp is motivated by the mysterious worlds of visual art, poetry and sound. She is the host of KSFR’s Sunday program, Audio Saucepan, the author of the poetry collection This Business of Wisdom, and an acclaimed fiber artist. She blogs about poetry at Which Silk Shirt, and teaches creative writing at numerous venues around Santa Fe.
To register, please email snowpoemsproject [at] with “Lauren Camp PW” in the subject line.


Nicholas Chiarella

Nicholas Chiarella
Ekphrastic Ecstasy: Surreal Poetry from Boring Photographs
free public workshop, advanced registration required (limit 16)
Saturday, December 8, 2-4pm
Santa Fe University of Art and Design, Thaw Art Center, Rm 509

Photographs represent the persistent framing of a moment in time, and poems, likewise, can capture and preserve an instant of reality. We will examine the fundamentals of photography and discuss how they also establish ground rules for writing poetry. We will then use those rules as guidelines for the subversion of everyday photographs, ultimately performing a poetic exploration of ecstatic consciousness. Bring a photograph to this workshop; a selection of boring photographs will also be provided.
Nicholas Chiarella is contributing faculty member at Santa Fe University of Art and Design and a member of Meow Wolf. His writing and photographs have been published in Fact-Simile, BathHouse, Mayo Review, and Santa Fe Trend; he has contributed reviews to Photo-Eye Magazine. He received his MA in Liberal Arts from St. John’s College in Santa Fe, New Mexico. His work focuses on the collaborative possibilities of writing, photography, installation, and performance.
To register, please email snowpoemsproject [at] with “Nicholas Chiarella PW” in the subject line.


Jaime FigueroaJamie Figueroa/ What Winter Are You From?
free public workshop, advanced registration required (limit 16)
Wednesday, December 12, 6-8pm
Whole Foods Community Room (Cerrrillos Rd)

Workshop participants  will be lead through an exercise that will defrost metaphor, imagery and chilling details of a winter still buried deep in their bones, capturing in poetic form the moments that have melted all too quickly.
Jamie Figueroa is a Cut+Paste Society member, published writer, and educator. She currently teaches creative writing at New Mexico School for the Arts through IAIA’s dual credit program. Her poems, short fiction and experimental creative nonfiction has been published in Split Oak Press, eklecksographia, flash international, Yellow Medicine Review and elsewhere. Her current manuscript of experimental creative nonfiction  The Hem of Skin  explores relationship to place, ancestry and colonization.
To register, please email snowpoemsproject [at] with “Jamie Figueroa PW” in the subject line.

Elizabeth Lende/Kirsten Mundt
What grows between the cracks: Exploring the poetics of urban space
Tierra Encantada Charter School
in conjunction with The Convergence Project with Story of Place Institute and Youth Media Project

As city dwellers, our bodies naturally compensate and adapt to the pace around us. We
rush from thing to thing, filling our lives with busy-ness (business). What if we slowed
down to listen to the hum of our bodies in relationship to the city just as it is? What
would we see? How would that feel and sound? What words would connect us to the
ordinary experiences that we miss in our rush to fill space?
Kirsten Mundt is a Cut+Paste Society member and currently teaches writing at the Santa Fe University of Art and Design and the Institute of American Indian Arts. As a professional bodyworker, she is also committed to bringing the richness of sensory and emotional experience into our relationship with language and story.
Elizabeth Lende is a Cut+Paste Society member. Her contributions as a poet are influenced by her work in the performing arts. And even more so, by the complexity of life revealed through the enmeshing of earthly domains with the constructs of humanity, and shared reflection.