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Snow Is A Gift - Sarah Pino

poem by Sarah Pino, 1st grade, Wood-Gormley Elementary School, Santa Fe, NM

Heather Alexander, Jeanne Arnold, Jeffrey T. Baker, Beverly Barnatt, Robert Bern, Marilyn Chambers, Peggy Chung, Sydney Cooper, Julia Friedman, Miranda Gray, Jennifer Guerin, Christy Hengst, Michelle Holland, Elaine Holt, Elizabeth Jacobson, Aparna Kalbag, Diane Karp, Jessica Lawless, Ana MacArthur, Virginia Pasternak, John Sapienza, Amy Schiffer, Marcus Seabock, Theodore Space, Barbara Tetenbaum, Jing Jing Tsong, Michael Austin, Tatha G-abrielle, Michaelene Walsh, Jonathan Walz, Penny Weaver, Lauren Whitehurst, Monika Cassel

Thank-you to the artists and poets who helped out: Julia Friedman, Tara Raye Russo, Joan Logghe, Jon Davis, Lauren Camp, Elizabeth Jacobson, Jamie Figueroa, Peggy Chung, Sarah Spengler, Liliana Mejia, Joachim Brunson, Linne Lalire, Matthew Chase-Daniel

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