cut n paste society santa feWe are a community of woman writers and artists in the Santa Fe area who have been meeting monthly since 2010. Our goal is to bring together our experiences, skills, practices, and communities to work beyond our individual spheres of influence.

Snow Poems Project is a collaborative project that came out of our creative dialog. We first implemented SPP in collaboration with New Mexico School for the Arts during the winter of 2011-12, it grew into a city wide collaboration with Santa Fe Art Institute in 2012-13, and the project continues to evolve.  Edie Tsong is the founding director of Cut+Paste Society  and director of Snow Poems Project.

The WingSpan Poetry Project brings weekly poetry classes to local shelters, offering the residents an opportunity to be creative and reflective in a safe and comfortable environment. WingSpan Poetry Project is a Cut+Paste Society endeavor, conceived by Elizabeth Jacobson.

Snow Poems 2011-2012 at New Mexico School for the Arts, Santa Fe, NM.

Snow Poems 2011-2012 at Marji Gallery & Contemporary Projects, Santa Fe, NM.