Winter 2011-12


In the winter of 2011-12, we implemented Snow Poems for the first time. We collaborated with Dr. Monika Cassel’s poetry class at New Mexico School for the Arts, a talented-arts charter high school. Students as well as some faculty and staff wrote and adapted original poetry for the school windows.The true beauty of the project was from inside the school building where the light played with the words, casting shadows that danced across the rooms and hallways in unexpected ways. Words could be seen reflected in doors, windows, and ceiling.Thank-you to everyone who participated!

Students: Cris Iannucci, Aspen Concha, Helena Aguiar, Sharifa Lookman, Gioia Berlin, Zöe Chmielarczyk, Sarah Colvin, Ellie Evans, Molly cudio, Sabina Hayutin, Mohit Dubey, Cosimo Pori, Aléjandra Avila, Arianna Giorgio, Cruz Valdez, Ariel Parrella, Sean Sunderland

Faculty and Staff: Monika Cassel, Edie Tsong, Elizabeth Lende, Cristina Gonzaléz, Kendra Wilson-Smith, Robby Rothschild, Adam McKinney, Karima Alavi, Christina Yamashiro, Jacob Sisneros