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    poem by Elizabeth Jacobson, Santa Fe Public Library, Southside Branch, 2013

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    L- poem by Sarah Pino, Wood Gormley Elementary; R- poem by Marc Seabock, City of Santa Fe Community Gallery, 2013

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    L- Santa Fe University of Art and Design: (l) poem by Nicholas Chiarella, (r) poem by Darryl Wellington; R- poem by Mareina Pachir, Bataan Memorial Building, 2013

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    Doghouse/Railyard: L- poem by Michelle Holland; R- poem by Rae Gouriand, 2013

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    L- poem by Arthur Sze, Doghouse/Railyard; R- poem by Pedro Teña, Santa Fe County Open Space Office, 2013

What if our public spaces carried the intimacy of poetry?

Snow Poems Project is a community art project by Cut+Paste Society that explores cities as living books written by their inhabitants. We partnered with the Santa Fe Art Institute for Snow Poems 2012-13 in Santa Fe, NM. SP 2013 included a city-wide temporary installation of poetry on windows and cultural programming: Snow Poems Exhibition + Poetry Storm, three free public poetry workshops, outreach in schools, open submissions, walking tours, and Night of Illumination with walking poetry tours and a Snow Poems Hear Here Choir led by Molly Sturges. We also published a Snow Poems Souvenir Postcard Book of Snow Poems images and poems in 2014, so that the poems will continue to disseminate and create connection. During the winter of 2013-14, we brought Snow Poems to downtown Baton Rouge, LA as guests of Louisiana State University.

Cut+Paste Society is a community of women artists and writers in the Santa Fe Area. Edie Tsong is the Founding Director of Snow Poems Project. All images by Edie Tsong unless otherwise noted.